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When you purchase a new home, you are ready to enjoy all the creature comforts it will provide. However, some new homeowners commit some common mistakes once they start doing simple remodels and renovations. These updates can be costly problems, as you can not only damage your new home but spend even more money to have the mistakes fixed. Here are the 3 most common and costly mistakes to avoid when becoming a new homeowner. 

Performing Extensive DIY Electrical and Plumbing Work 

Unless you are a licensed plumber or electrician, or have been adequately trained in such work, it’s usually a bad idea and can be extremely dangerous to perform electrical and plumbing jobs on your home. Anytime you find an electrical outlet no longer working or there is water rising up from the drain in the basement, it’s time to get professional workers to look into the issue. 

Tearing Out Walls to Make the Room Bigger 

Before tearing out a wall completely, you need to figure out if it is a load-bearing wall. Load-bearing walls help support the structural weight of floors and the trusses for the roof of the house. If you tear out a load-bearing wall, this structural weight has to be transferred to some other support structure or you will end up seriously damaging your home. 

Changing Finished Grades to Add Landscape Elements 

Finished grades on the property are designed to redirect rainwater away from the house and into nearby storm drains or creeks. Unfortunately, homeowners may change the finished grade by adding driveways, patios, in-ground pools, sidewalks and other landscape elements that impact the grade. If water is redirected back toward the house, it can cause the foundation to shift and heave as structural damage can occur. 

Avoiding these common mistakes that new homeowners make when purchasing a property will ensure that you won’t accidentally damage your home. You can make the house perfect and comfortable for you and your family so you will enjoy living there.