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A Good Real Estate Agent Will Save You Money

The internet is a glorious thing. It brings us news, weather, social connections, and most importantly – real estate listings! A real estate agent’s primary job is to connect their clients with a listing. Before the internet existed, finding a home or property for sale was a lot of manual work. Real estate agents were absolutely necessary to find the right home for your family. Now, the internet can blast a listing worldwide with a single click. So, what do we need real estate agents for?

Why use a real estate agent?

If you think about how many times the average person buys and sells a home, it’s about 2.5 times in their lifetime. So, they get a couple of sales under their belt and they feel pretty confident that they understand the process. Maybe they’ve invested in some properties as well. But there are so many things about a real estate transaction that get overlooked that can end up costing you a bundle!

Did you know that if the person living in the home owes child support, they may not be legally allowed to sell their home? You wouldn’t find that out until closing – and at that point, you have likely already sold your home. What if the home requires certain repairs, and the seller wants to offer you money at closing instead of repairing them? This costs buyers more money than most other issues combined. There are factors like warranties, disclosures, and repair documentation that your experienced real estate agent will look for that you never considered.

This is why even if you think you know what you’re doing, a real estate agent is crucial for success!

A good realtor will have your back

When you find the perfect home as a buyer, you have their listing agent to worry about as well. If their real estate agent is experienced – they are going to give you a run for your money. You need someone looking out for your best interest. If their agent is not experienced, their mistakes can lead to a disaster. Most budget agents work for budget brokers for a reason. Their lack of knowledge and experience is priced accordingly.

If you are still considering a discount service, you should first decide how much of your time and energy you want to invest into this process. Offer reviews can take days. Home inspection periods can be extended indefinitely if not properly executed. Lenders are very well known for not making their closing dates, which can result in large penalties from the sellers. All of these items would be your responsibility, and missteps here are costly. A good real estate agent who knows your market will navigate all of these steps with ease. Make sure you know what topics to address with your realtor, and your buying and selling experience will be positive. You will come out ahead financially with an experienced agent.

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