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Joanne Dlouhy - Real Estate Broker

My long-lived interest in real estate was inherited from my mother whose focus was more on staging ( it was common to come home from school to every bit of furniture rearranged ), and also my grandmother who enjoyed a career in real estate down in the SF Bay area. My mom’s love of staging(before there was even a name for it) prompted my love of “makeovers”! In my first career out of high school I pursued this as a hairstylist. I threw myself into it with vigor, soaking up education all across the country, even across the ocean to Milan. My local clientele grew very busy and I worked in some of the best salons in Bend. The physical toll of this career made me realize it was time to pursue what had always been a passion of mine also…HOMES.

I knew right away it was a good fit! The consultation skills, making a person feel comfortable and taken care of in a potentially stressful situation, pursuing every bit of education in the meantime to best serve my clients, I love every bit of it. I pride myself on being prompt at getting back to clients and responsive at answering questions as they come up, even if this means going down to City Planning myself or whatever digging is required to find accurate answers. The fact that I have lived here since 1989 also serves me in this industry as I have lived in all four quadrants of the area and my kids have attended schools here, I know the pluses and minuses of different neighborhoods very well.

The final piece is that I did research before landing at Duke Warner, and could not have landed at a better brokerage. DW brokers tend to stay there for a long time and there is a reason for that. While we work as individuals under our principal broker, there is a definite team/family atmosphere. I love that there is a focus on our ethics and reputation regarding such. Many of those with years of experience, which are many here, are freely sharing of new information regarding developments in our ever changing real estate landscape.

I would love to help in your quest to either find the right space to call home, or the right buyer who appreciates and loves your current home!

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