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How to Easily Make Your Home Show Ready

If you’ve listed your home, you know how irritating it can be when mid-week you get the call that someone wants to look at your house. You’re thrilled at the interest in your home from a potential buyer, but you’re on the way out the door to soccer practice with the kids and you don’t have time to clean. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your home clean and show ready while you’re still living there.

Do a deep clean

If you’ve done a deep clean of your home at the start, it should be easier to keep things organized and clean. Ask for help from all of the members of your household, to keep in mind where they leave things and the messes that they make. Try to keep horizontal surfaces as clean as possible, like kitchen counters, coffee tables and dining room tables. This can tend to be the first place that people set things down and leave them. But keeping your clean house clean takes an effort from all members of the household.


Three points of light in a room is more likely to make the potential buyer feel at home. So if a room has a light fixture, try adding two other lamps around the room to make it feel more cozy.

One of the most important things that people always notice are the floors. Keep them shiny. This doesn’t have to be hard, use a quick spray jet or duster mop to keep things looking shiny and clean.

Make sure the bathrooms are kept clean. This can be a major turn off to any potential buyers. Clean bathrooms are a must. Try to keep counter spaces clean, and personal belongings in drawers, hidden from view.

Always do your dishes. Don’t let them stack up in the sink. When your house is on the market, you could get a call at a moments’ notice and need to leave. So do your dishes when you dirty them, to keep your kitchen looking clean at all times.

If you cook a lot, try using natural air freshening tricks to keep your kitchen and home smelling clean and fresh. Try boiling lemons or lighting neutral candles to neutralize odors.

If you have pets and you can’t take them with you, try finding a pet daycare that they can visit on the days of the week when you have showings.

Talk to your realtor. If showing your house is a huge headache to you and your family, try encouraging the realtor to show your house in big blocks of time, rather than randomly throughout the week.

The only way to make showing your house easy is to stay on top of cleaning. Don’t let clutter accumulate. Keep your kitchen clean and bathrooms spotless. If you stay on top of this, a last minute call and showing shouldn’t throw you. It should be a simple as whipping out the swifter for 5 minutes before you leave, or putting a small pile of mail away from the dining room table.