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Whether or not you’re looking to sell your home in the future or just spruce a few things up, it’s important to consider the kind of value you can add to your home with a few smaller upgrades. Planning ahead can be beneficial when you remodel, so here are some small projects that can help you add value for when/if you sell.

Getting Started

If your home is new, take some time to live in it and learn it’s quirks, what works and what doesn’t. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you know best what you’d like to change, and what works best as it currently is. Make a list of what you’d ideally like to change, and then assess what can be done that is both financially feasible and worth your time.

Smaller Projects

Even the smallest projects can impact the value or curb appeal of your home. Keeping your home clean, both inside and out will attract buyers quicker. De-cluttering your home, if it’s on the market, is a sure way to impress potential buyers. When it comes down to two properties, and one is cleaner than the other, buyers are more likely to go with a clean property, as it looks like it’s the house that’s most cared for.

Step back from your house and consider the things you notice first about your property. If your eyes are drawn to something that you don’t want potential buyers to notice right away, there are ways to draw their attention. Highlight front walks with small lanterns, or flower beds. If you have a large garage that you notice first, try painting your front door a bright color, that buyers will take notice of.

Bigger Impact

The top two places to upgrade that have the most impact in your home are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Ask your local real estate broker in Bend, Oregon and they’ll tell you that these are the two things potential buyers are looking for.

In the kitchen, changing up the colors with paint, or even painting the cabinets can have a great impact on how updated your kitchen looks. Backsplashes area great way to add a pop of color or updated style to a kitchen, and since a backsplash is a smaller area, it’s not a huge task to take on. Adding a simple rolling island can add lots of value to a kitchen, as it’s more work space and people love to see islands in a kitchen. Don’t forget to add little pops of green into your kitchen, with some small herb pots or fresh cut flowers.

In the bathroom, try adding a new faucet. Making a bathroom feel more like a spa is a new trend that home buyers are looking for. Adding new countertops can boost value in a bathroom as well. Bigger projects for a bathroom include changing up the shower head to one that offers more of a body spray. Install new stone tile in your bath or shower and make it feel more like a zen spa. Heated floors go a long way in a cozy bathroom.

If you’re not sold on all of these upgrades, consider that you’ll enjoy them in the time you own the home. It’s best to upgrade your home, so that you have time to enjoy it, rather than upgrading right before you sell it.