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How To Improve Your House and Add Value

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When the property market is volatile, you must keep your home well maintained and up-to-date. Maximizing your home’s potential is important, whether you need extra space or plan on putting your house up on the market. Donning your creative thinking cap will help you come up with innovative ideas to improve your house value (while impressing prospective buyers), whether you need to do so on a budget or have extra cash to spare.

These 10 home improvement tips will help you to think about how you could improve your property value and make it easier to sell.

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall

The strategic placement of mirrors in a house can give the illusion of extra space and add more light. Even if your house doesn’t have many windows, a mirror can help compensate for that by adding extra lighting by reflecting outdoor lighting into your home. By placing a mirror in the right spot, you can lighten up dark corners and create an illusion of having more space.

2. Build a private, beautiful garden

Houses can be transformed by having beautiful, natural outdoor areas – by tidying up your garden and giving it a makeover, you can do just that. Put away the mess, take out the weeds, trim overgrown plants and trees, and mow the lawn.

You can also make your garden feel more private and sheltered by doing some simple improvements like putting up a wall or fence or planting a few extra trees. You could also create a covered area by building a pergola, which can be a great way to create a space for socializing throughout the year. Do take note that you might need to get prior planning approval before you can perform certain types of garden improvements.

3. Upgrade your kitchen

Kitchens are a popular area of the house that is used by everybody. Prospective buyers are particularly impressed by nice-looking kitchens, so you could spruce yours up by giving it a makeover. You could do this by painting cupboards or replacing old doors and handles. Make sure your kitchen doesn’t appear too dark or gloomy. To let more light in, you could add extra windows, increase the size of an existing window or even consider adding skylights or a glass conservatory in the adjoining room. Check that your built-in appliances like stoves are not too old-fashioned or worn-out either.

4. Upgrade the plumbing and electrics

Keeping your electrics upgraded is not only good for re-sale value, but it’s also important to keep up with the latest safety standards. Check to see if your house needs to be re-wired. By adding extra plug points and replacing old faceplates and switches with more modern ones, you can also make your house appear more attractive and modern. If you re-wire the house, you might also be able to change to more energy-efficient lighting or maybe add extractor fans to bathrooms.

Also, consider upgrading old plumbing systems as old pipes can rattle and create poor water flow and might even lead to burst pipes that can result in property damage.

5. Add another bedroom

A great way to increase your property value is by adding an extra bedroom. At some point, however, having too many bedrooms won’t push the price up any further. You can create an additional bedroom by dividing big bedrooms in half or by converting attics or basements. If you have space, you may even be able to add a room to your house, but that can be far more expensive than a simpler renovation.

6. Update the exterior

Many beautiful homes have old, ugly, or poorly maintained exteriors that bring down the overall value of the house. First impressions do count, and there are some easy tips for sprucing up the exterior of your home. These include repainting the front door and outside windows, installing new garage doors, painting the walls, repairing cracks and broken cladding, adding a porch, or even creating a new house name. You may need planning permission for some renovations, so be sure to check ahead of time.

7. Get creative with storage space

Built-in storage space improves a home’s value, and there are some easy ways to add storage throughout your house which can make your house appear neater, more spacious, and impress prospective buyers.
You can add storage by creating hidden nooks in hallways, by using open spaces more creatively like adding shelving alongside stairs, by creating storage areas in the attic or under the stairs, by adding cupboards above washbasins, and by adding mounted shelving and cupboards to unused wall areas. Once you actively start looking for areas to transform into additional storage areas, you may be surprised by your creativity.

8. Add a bathroom

Even a small additional bathroom is still worth investing in, as it adds value to a house – especially where bathrooms are at a premium. You could add a bathroom by creating an en suite if you have enough space, or you could remodel an existing space or extend the house slightly to accommodate the new bathroom.

If you don’t have the space to add a bathroom, or if you can’t afford the costs involved, you can still create value by updating your existing bathroom. You can do this by removing old wallpaper, repainting, adding new modern fixtures, and adding better lighting.

9. Improve energy efficiency

Prospective house buyers can be put off by daunting utility bills. By upgrading your home to be more energy-efficient, you can also improve its overall value. In areas that are too cold or hot, energy efficiency will be even more important. You can achieve this by adding double-paned windows, improved insulation, replacing light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones like LEDs, and replacing old appliances with modern energy-efficient ones. If you have a bigger budget, you may even consider installing solar panels. One way of assessing your home’s energy efficiency status and potential for improvement is to consult with a certified energy auditor.

10. Add smart home devices

Smart technologies like fire detectors, security cameras, smart lighting, and smart door locks can also increase the value of a property as they enhance safety and comfort. Although smart technology won’t always add value to a home, it can be particularly appealing and may help to entice buyers that are deciding between your home and another that doesn’t have any smart features. The good news is that most smart home devices are affordable, so you won’t need to break the bank.