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Home inspections are a big part of the house selling and house buying process. They can either help a sale price or hurt it, all while making the property feel more attractive to a buyer or even less attractive to a buyer. Receiving an offer on your property is a big deal, but most offers hang on the results of the inspection, which is why it’s important to be prepared for the inspection. Here are Duke Warner’s top tips for inspections.


If you’ve been showing your house, you know the importance of a clean house. You cringe every time a bit of dust gathers, or the clutter piles up, because you know it’s only a matter of time before your Bend Realtor calls and you have a moment’s notice to straighten up. Our advice is to do a huge deep clean of the house before showings start, so that when more showings are scheduled, and it’s finally time for an inspection, you’re already ahead. By doing a deep clean of the house, you could discover a few small projects that might increase your value. Some of these projects might be best to tackle head on, and some might be best to leave for new owners. If it’s a simple cracked tile or loose fence post, it’s easy enough to fix, so you should.

Your Functioning Utilities

In order to complete your inspection, your inspector will have to check all utilities, like the stove or refrigerator. Anything that will be included in the sale of your home, will need to be checked and approved. Turning the power off on them, might result in a rescheduled or incomplete inspection, and it could cause a delay in the sale process.

Make sure that any utilities that will need to be checked, will be accessible. If you’ve been storing boxes in the way of the water heater, be sure to clear them, so an inspector can gain access. If the inspector can’t get close enough to inspect them, chances are they’ll call a specialist in, which takes more time, and can also delay the sales process.

It’s important to keep pilot lights lit on gas stoves, furnaces, water heaters and more. Inspectors often aren’t covered for the liability of lighting them themselves, so could wind up costing you more money and time.

All Access

Inspectors need to check all areas of the home and property. So if you have a dusty attic or backyard shed, that need some care, now is the time. Make sure that inspectors have easy access to places like this around the house, garage or basement. All parts of the property need to pass inspection, so be sure that the inspector has keys to all areas of your home.

It’s important to note if you’ve had any major repairs done, like a new roof or any remodeling, as it can make a difference in your price point for real estate in Bend Oregon. Have any recent records of work, ready for the inspection.

As you’re preparing, remember that no house is perfect, and most inspections come back with a few things to improve upon. If you spend the time preparing for an inspection, most suggestions won’t be a surprise.