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Showing your home in winter months

Perhaps you’re selling your home in the colder months. While it may be easier to sell a home with lush flowers, bursting garden beds and green grass, there are ways to highlight a home in colder months to make it appealing to potential buyers.

For potential buyers

If you’re looking at buying a home in warmer months, it’s important to know how the house is heated. Heat can be a major expense in some homes. Older homes may feature older heating systems, which can cause you more money in utilities in the long run.

Know how warm the house typically stays. Try to find out if the house hold’s heat well, or if it’s drafty. This doesn’t strictly apply to older homes. Newer homes can leak heat as well.

Know what sort of climate that you’re buying in. If it’s cold all the time, your heating system is important to consider. If you’re buying in a mostly warm climate, it may not be that important.

If the home you’re looking at is in a very cold climate you may want to consider roads leading to your house, or your driveway. If there’s only one way to get to your house, and it features an extremely steep hill that’s prone to ice, you may want to reconsider the home.

For homeowner’s selling

Make sure to inform your listing agent how your home is heated. If your heating system is outdated, updating it could make your home more attractive to potential buyers, and help you get more value when you sell your home.

Highlight warmer areas of your home, like a central fireplace in a family or living room. Be sure to flaunt any additional warmer features, like heated floors or a master bedroom fireplace. These are features that will entice buyers.

Selling a home in the fall or winter

Some people think that buying or selling a home in the fall or winter is a bad idea. Typically the housing market has more listings in the spring and summer, as people believe this is the “perfect time to buy.” The reality is, people buy homes year round, and in the colder months you’ll find more serious home buyers. Buyers in cooler months tend to be more serious. They need a home now which is why they’re looking.

Take Away

The housing market doesn’t fall flat in any market in the colder months. People will always need homes, and sometimes they can’t or don’t want to wait for warmer months. Make your home seem as cozy as possible and highlight any unique heat-related features. If you’re looking for a home, be sure to consider how it’s heated, what your utilities could look like, and what sort of climate you’re in.