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How to stay organized during your house hunt

House hunting can be a quite stressful time. It’s also a very exciting time, looking at options for your potential future home. There are quite a lot of moving parts to house hunting, lots of paperwork to keep track of, getting pre-approved, finding properties within your budget, appraisals, etc. Here are some tips for keeping your house hunt as organized as possible.

Keeping properties straight

Touring multiple open houses can get confusing. Properties can melt together and keeping important features of a home straight can start to blur. Before you start your official hunt it can be important to sit down and list out all of the feature you want in a home. It can be easy to visit a house and say this is perfect, and forget that you’re missing out on key features that you really wanted in the first place. Take into consideration what all members of your family want in a home, backyard for the kids or pets, dual vanities in the master bath, whatever it is list it out. Then narrow the list down to a top three to five. When you visit a property, compare it to your list of wants and needs. Make sure your broker knows what your top wants a needs are, so they can be sure to show you properties that align with what you want in a home.

It can also help to make a comparison chart. Listing out what you want, and comparing it with properties you’ve seen can help you stay on track. It can also help you keep track of properties you’ve seen, if you keep a running list or chart, and prevent them from running together.

Touring homes

It can be helpful to walk through a home twice. Enjoy walking through the home the first time, enjoy the feel of the layout. Try not to get swept up in exciting features or other things. Then walk through it a second time, using a slightly harsher lense. Use your list of desired features, and think about if this home really does have what you’re looking for. It’s important to keep these things in mind, and not get swept up in dazzling features. It’s also important to note, that your first impression of the house, on your first walk through, can be the best indicator. It’s definitely important to note if it has what you’re looking for, but if your gut says no when you’re walking through a home it’s important to listen to that. Even if this home has all of the things on your desired list. Asking to take photos of a home that you like is never a bad idea. It may remind you why you liked the home in the first place. Taking a moment to visualize how you would use the space in the home to make it yours can also be helpful.

Stay organized

Keeping track of homes you liked and homes that you didn’t can make your house hunt less stressful. Keep in mind features that are deal breakers, things you definitely want, and things you don’t. Communication with your broker is key as well. Keep them in the loop as to what you like and what you didn’t. If they have all the tools they need from you, they should be able to produce a wonderful list of properties for you to look at.