Duke Warner Realty

Bend Oregon, selling home

Welcome the people who bought your home by leaving them useful information about their new home and neighborhood. First, the new owners will be hungry and tired at the end of the day. The last thing they want to entertain is cooking dinner. So, leave your collection of to-go menus on the counter. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Following are suggestions of useful information to leave for the new owners of your home.

Instruction Booklets, Warranties, and Service Providers

Get an expanding file folder and insert:

• HVAC – operating instructions, date purchased, and date to call for service
• Roof – warranty and date installed
• Appliances – instruction booklets and date purchased
• Hot Water Heater – instruction booklet and date purchased
• Sprinkler System – instruction manual (if available) and date installed
• Swimming Pool warranty (if applicable) and date of last cleaning/repair service

Make a list of names and phone numbers for your plumber, HVAC technician, lawn care team, pest control and if you employ a housekeeper, leave their name and number. Slide the sheet into a plastic sleeve and put it in the folder.


List your favorite neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops, hardware store, dry cleaners, parks, hair stylists, supermarkets, YMCA, trails for walking/biking, museums, farmers market, water parks, and interesting places to take kids.

Home Tips

Note the alarm code and safe combination (if applicable).

Write location and details for adjusting the thermostat.

Day of the week the garbage is collected. Is there a separate garbage can and pick-up date for recyclables? Where to place garbage can(s) for collection.

Home Warranty – Yea or Nay

You might get a lot of mileage from prospective home buyers with a home warranty. If in doubt, check with your realtor for an opinion on whether to purchase a home warranty.

Finally, take house keys and remotes (if applicable) to the closing.