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We’ve been conditioned to believe that open houses help sell homes. However, contemporary Real Estate Influencers agree open houses aren’t very successful, because serious buyers aren’t typically visiting open houses these days- it’s all about the internet.

Home sellers depend on their realtor to market their home on the internet. With pertinent home statistics, pictures of your home, and even virtual tours, the homebuyer can easily determine if he wants to make an appointment for a private showing.

If this is true, why are realtors still holding open houses? Perhaps it’s because an open house is a good way for a realtor to pick up potential clients. They are aware that most open house visitors aren’t interested in buying this home – it’s not in their preferred neighborhood, they can’t afford it, they’re waiting until school is out to start looking, and so on.

A savvy realtor can gather several potential buyers during an open house. Of course, there is always a possibility a serious homebuyer will show up and decide to make an offer on your open house.

As a home seller, is an open house worth it? As the saying goes, you’d likely prefer a root canal. First, you must do a lot of work to prepare for an open house. Your home must pass the ‘white glove’ test. Clutter must be dealt with, and the lawn must look immaculate.

Getting your home staged removes some of the work and worries.

During open house hours, you, your family, and pets must depart and go somewhere else, perhaps to a relative’s home.

Keep your expectations about benefits of the open house realistic. Many curiosity-seekers will view the home with no intention of buying. Be aware that dishonest people may attend the open house to “case” it and come back later to burglarize your home (especially if it’s unoccupied).

Other people may help themselves to stuff. For instance, don’t leave prescription meds, jewelry, cell phones, or other small items in plain sight so dishonest people can stick small items it in their pocket or purse.

Will an Open House Help Sell Your Home?

It appears the cons outweigh the pros of holding an open house to help sell your home. But who knows? The ideal homebuyer may pop into the open house, absolutely love it, and make an offer on the spot.

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether to hold an open house.