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Features that Sell Your Home Quickly: What Central Oregon Home Buyers Want

These days, home buyers are choosey- especially in Central Oregon. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully (and quickly!) sell your home. Talk to house flippers and realtors, and visit open houses to get an idea of what prospective home buyers are seeking in your area. You can’t make changes to accommodate some typical must-haves, such as location, quality school district, or lot size. But if you want to get a step-up on the competition, get conscious of what home buyers want. 


Ensure you are up to date on which home renovations generally provide the best return on investment (ROI). Keep in mind that you can’t please everybody. Just renovate what you can afford. Staging is great when you can’t afford renovations. While many home buyers want “turn-key” homes, others are willing to buy a fixer-upper and make changes to “personalize” their new home. Always keep in mind the following features:

Natural Light

Increase natural light in your home to boost its value. Home buyers are willing to pay extra for a home with plenty of natural light, particularly in the main living area.

Remember-  home buyers want to move to Central Oregon for the views! Consider adding corner windows, or a skylight in the living area for optimal natural light.


Potential home buyers have been known to look at the kitchen and leave if it doesn’t suit their fancy. Your best return on investment can be gained from a kitchen remodel.

Paint cabinets if they are in good shape. If not, buy new cabinets. After decades, white remains a favorite color. Add modern hardware. Consider metallic handles and knobs such as brass, silver, bronze. 

If appliances do not match, replace them with energy-efficient stainless steel.

Floors are important. If your kitchen floor needs replacing, a tile or hardwood floor is a good choice. Home buyers want a kitchen that looks easy to clean.

Prospective homebuyers expect to see quartz, marble, granite, or butcher block countertops with a spiffy backsplash. Again, buyers will usually pay more for a home with modern countertops.

Hardwood Floors

Homebuyers want hardwood floors. They are super durable and easier to keep clean than carpet. Unlike carpet, hardwoods are better for your family’s health as they do not aggravate allergies and asthma.
Hardwood floors will get you a great return on investment (up to 100 percent).

Inside Painting

Interior painting will freshen up your home! Neutral colors are appealing to today’s home buyers. Stay away from dark colors, they make a room seem smaller. And while you may love purple or black, potential home buyers may prefer lighter, brighter colors to make rooms feel larger. Central Oregon home buyers in particular tend to prefer homes with a lighter color scheme.


If your kitchen passes a potential buyer’s inspection, next they will scope out the bathrooms. Your investment in renovating your bathrooms will pay off. Think new hardwood floors, double sinks, and a free-standing bathtub.

Garage Door

The average Central Oregon household owns two cars, so don’t neglect your garage! A new garage door gives a good first impression to home buyers. It also adds value to your home. If you can’t install a new door, consider adding a new paint job. Home buyers want the exterior of their home to look as good as the inside.

Stay Within Home Values in Neighborhood

The above renovations give you the best return on investment. Improvements that go above and beyond can price your house higher than other neighborhood homes.

However, remember to not go overboard! For instance, installing a swimming pool is an expensive gamble. You likely won’t achieve a good return on your investment. Houses that are overdone for the location won’t provide a high-dollar sale. 

What Home Buyers Want

When it comes to selling your Central Oregon home, remember that each home buyer has their own set of needs and expectations. You won’t be able to please everyone. However, don’t fret- we at Duke Warner are here to help. Click below to get started!

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