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June 2024 Real Estate Trends

For June 2024, the Bend, Oregon real estate market remains vibrant and dynamic, reflecting a blend of opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers alike. The city’s thriving economy, picturesque landscapes, and quality of life continue to attract individuals seeking to call Bend and greator Central Oregon home.

While facing challenges like limited inventory, the market showcases steady growth and presents diverse housing options, from modern downtown condos to spacious single-family homes with stunning mountain views. Both buyers and sellers are advised to work closely with experienced real estate professionals to navigate the competitive market and seize opportunities in this thriving Central Oregon city.

Bend Market Review >>

Inventory / Active

last month -> 382

Avg Days on Market

last month -> 38

Average Sale Price to List Price

last month -> 100%

# of Homes Sold

last month -> 130

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Redmond Market Review

Inventory / Active

last month -> 226

Avg Days on Market

last month -> 49

Average Sale Price to List Price

last month -> 99.6%

# of Homes Sold

last month -> 77

As the middle of summer sets in in Central Oregon, the real estate market comes alive with opportunities. The region’s awe-inspiring landscapes, abundant outdoor activities, and lively communities continue to captivate homebuyers and investors seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the season.

Energy and Excitement of Summer:
Summer infuse the Central Oregon real estate market with a renewed sense of energy. The arrival of warmer weather ignites the enthusiasm of potential buyers, eager to explore the region and discover their perfect home. This heightened activity also benefits sellers, affording them the opportunity to showcase their properties under the best possible conditions and attract motivated buyers.

Ideal Time for Buyers:
For buyers embarking on their real estate journey, spring and summer provide the perfect time to enter the Central Oregon market. As the region blossoms and thrives, the market brims with possibilities, making it an opportune moment to find your dream home and fully embrace everything that Central Oregon has to offer during the sunny seasons.

Central Oregon’s real estate market springs to life as the region welcomes the arrival of spring and summer. With the market becoming more active and vibrant, buyers and sellers alike can capitalize on the opportunities that arise during this time. Whether you’re a buyer seeking to find the ideal home in a flourishing area or a seller looking to showcase your property’s full potential, the Central Oregon real estate market in spring and summer is the place to be. Embrace the energy and excitement of the season as you delve into the possibilities that await.

Summer Sun - Things are Heating Up!

As summer solidifes in Central Oregon, the real estate market shines with activity and promise in 2024. With the transition from spring, both buyers and sellers can anticipate a dynamic market in the coming months. Trends observed earlier in the year, such as a rise in available inventory and stability in the mortgage industry, have set the stage for favorable conditions.

Summer’s Abundant Opportunities:
To seize the plentiful opportunities in the market, staying informed about new listings and closely monitoring market shifts is crucial. Central Oregon’s summer real estate market presents an exciting range of possibilities for those searching for their dream property in this captivating region. With the season in full swing, now is the ideal time to take advantage of the ripe opportunities available in the Central Oregon real estate market. Prepare to embrace the energy and excitement that summer brings to the region’s real estate scene!

As summer takes hold in Central Oregon, the real estate market is brimming with activity and potential in 2024. Building on the momentum from spring, both buyers and sellers can expect a vibrant market in the months ahead. By staying informed and being proactive, you can make the most of the abundant opportunities

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