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Open the Space Up in Your Home With These Design Trends

The world of home design is dynamic and amalgamous—it’s always changing. New trends seem to pop up overnight and old trends are constantly making reappearances, often making it difficult to navigate them all. When buying a new Central Oregon home or remodeling a current one, consider these hot design trends that are drawing the eyes of homeowners across the country for their ability to open up the space in your home.

Open Shelving

What’s better than being trendy? Being trendy while saving money. Open shelving is a design trend heralded for its ability to open a kitchen up and add a rustic flair to your kitchen design. The design is more common in older homes, as it was a favorite among 20th century homeowners for its efficiency—there are no cabinet doors to open. It also gives you a chance to display your dishes in a casual way. Just be careful when choosing the exact design for your open shelving, because it can occasionally look unfinished if not incorporated correctly into the rest of the room’s design.


One of the most important—and controversial—features in a family’s living room is the TV. So important, in fact, that some choose to design their entire living room around the electronic. While a TV is an important entertainment feature for any Central Oregon home, there is an alternative that’s being touted as a way to take away emphasis from the screen. Projectors provide a great alternative to televisions to host large-format screenings of films and televised events and, if installed correctly, are easier to draw attention away from when not in use since the projector screen can be rolled up.

Sliding Barn Doors

Similar to open shelving, sliding barn doors provide you a great opportunity to open up your home. This design trend is extremely popular for its ability to turn two rooms in one—and vice versa—by simply sliding a door open. Although sliding barn doors are traditionally seen as a more rustic feature, there are numerous ways to incorporate it into any home’s design. When considering this feature, be wary of its shortcomings—poor soundproofing and an inability to lock. These issues can be mitigated with special designs, though, so it should be no issue to install them in a room that occasionally needs to be quiet or needs more privacy.

These design trends are all great ways to transform your home into a more open space. If hosting parties and dinners in your home is important, these designs will do wonders! 

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