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5 Tips to Getting Your Garage Back!

Your garage is a homeowner’s best asset when it comes to organization. Whether you’re looking to clear out the clutter or you’re getting ready to do a seasonal turnaround (our favorite time of year, trading out the skis and snowboards for the bikes and kayaks), it’s smart to make the most of your garage space. 

For some, the garage is a place for odds and ends. This might mean that, in order to use the space to its full potential, you’ll have to clear the chaos. 

Don’t let garage organization intimidate you. We’ve put together five tips to get your garage back into a state that you can work with.

1) Start Sorting

Kick things off by getting rid of anything you don’t use anymore. After you’ve purged what needs to go, sort everything into piles – sports equipment, lawn care tools, car accessories, etc. – and store similar items together. It’s helpful to store them in labeled, plastic, stackable containers, as this amps up organization and protects your items from dirt, insects, and rodents.

2) Organize Thoughtfully

When you put everything back, take a moment to think about what items you use frequently and what barely sees the light of day. By storing commonly-used items in easily reachable places, you’ll cut down on a whole lot of hassle. You can store seasonal items in the hard-to-reach spots and switch them back out when it’s time.

3) Use the Wall

Wall storage keeps your items visible, easy to access, and off the floor. The type of wall storage you use (pegboards, open shelving, closed cabinetry, or panelized systems), depends on your budget and the configuration of your garage. Many people opt for a combination of these methods. 

4) Use the Ceiling

The wall isn’t the only structural component of the garage that’s on your side. You’ve got to remember the ceiling, too. The ceiling is great storage space for ladders and seasonal gear, hung by clips or straps fastened to joists. Just remember to rig your ceiling storage so it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the garage door.

5) Store Thoughtfully

Always remember to exercise caution when organizing your garage, and avoid storing gasoline or propane inside it – as a single spark could cause devastating consequences. If you have pets or children, it’s also essential to store fertilizers and pesticide out of reach, along with power tools and sharp hardware.

Step Back & Enjoy

By following these steps, you can achieve a clutter-free garage where everything is in its place, and therefore make the best use of the space in your home. Take a step back and enjoy what you’ve accomplished.

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