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Real Estate Market Trends: September 2022

Halloween is here and fall is in full swing! It’s no secret interest rates are affecting America’s real estate market, but here is what is happening in Central Oregon. We saw increases in homes on the market for Bend and Redmond, Oregon markets as well as price reductions due to continued fluctuation in mortgage rages. With all things considered, Central Oregon continues to outpace other areas around the state and country. The residential statistics for Bend & Redmond did see additional only saw small declines in list price from the previous records we’ve seen. However, average sale price remained strong for the area. The unmatched draw of Central Oregon continues to drive the steady home prices, but with inventory catching up with demand time on market as seen an increase across the board. Entering the last days of summer home buying and selling, we saw a small growth in the number of active listings compared to the prior month in Bend and for the Redmond area.

Bend Market Overview >>

Let’s face it, people want to live in Central Oregon. Even with a continuing shifting real estate market, Bend and surrounding areas remain a fairly hot commodity for buyers. July saw another increase of inventory into the high 300s for active listings. The average list price continues to soften a bit with interest rates being twice as high from this time last year, yet buyers are still itching to live in Bend and sale price was a stellar 100% of asking. The average home isn’t lasting long in the Bend market as they’re still selling within a four week time frame!

Inventory / Active

last month -> 437

Avg Days on Market

last month -> 25

Average Sale Price to List Price

last month -> 99%

# of Homes Sold

last month -> 188

Don’t forget to download the complete real estate report for an in depth look at Bend’s real estate statistics aggregated by our amazing team of brokers. The complete report include Bend’s residential, land and acreage market statistics.

Celebrating 55 years in Central Oregon

Our roots in Bend began in 1967...

Redmond Market Overview >>

Inventory is up again in Redmond with a decent increase in active listings. While the average list price declined again, it remained much smaller than what Bend is seeing. The average sale price was 98.4% which possibly offset the smaller decline in list price. The area’s land and acreage market saw a consistent reduction following suite with the previous months as material costs, availability, and rise in interest rates continue to be a concern. Be sure to download Redmond’s complete report above.

Inventory / Active

last month -> 166

Avg Days on Market

last month -> 20

Average Sale Price to List Price

last month -> 98.4%

# of Homes Sold

last month -> 64

With fall in full swing and the economy taking a step back, the Central Oregon market is still seeing a fairly fast-paced buying and selling of homes overall. Buyers, both local and from out of town,  and sellers in town are looking for the opportunity to live in Central Oregon and customer service. If you are considering selling your home or buying one here, we encourage you to consult with our trusted Duke Warner Broker for local, expert advice. Sharing their experiences, knowledge and excitement, our brokers know how to price properties according to the market trends and current housing competition. Better yet, they know how to sell them!

Moving into Ski Season

September saw the beginning of school, warm days, and plenty of real estate action even with the ever changing economy! As we move into winter for the real estate market, our team is here to help you with any of your real estate needs. If you’re looking buy a home and or sell your home, trust our 55 years of experience! Since 1967, we’ve been fortunate enough to assist others live the Central Oregon dream through real estate. Our team of expert Brokers to guide you on what ever real estate path you choose. Give us a call (541) 382-8262 or send an email at info@dukewarner.com to get the processed to started!

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