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A Vacation Home in Bend Oregon

vacation home bend oregonWinter is finally here. You have enjoyed taking in the brilliant beauty and the abundant opportunities for outdoor adventure. Some of you may be pondering the possibilities of enhancing your overall quality of life by purchasing a vacation home in Bend, Oregon.


Investment Property or Second Home?

Estimates are that somewhere around 80 percent of second-home buyers actually choose a home that is within reasonable driving distance from their primary residence. Sometimes a buyer will purchase a vacation home and then hardly ever go because it is too long of a journey. That is not what you hope to do at all! Purchasing a vacation home closer to your main residence makes it easier to check in on it and perform basic maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, there are a large number of second home possibilities within the Central Oregon area that fit the bill.


When choosing your location, it is always wise to squarely take your interests and passions into account. Also, what do you love most about the area? What might you be concerned about? Don’t rush into a purchase because your family had a great vacation there. Emotions can create excitement, but avoid making a rash decision. It is often a great idea to spend further time in the area if you’ve not already done so. Get to know the area better, and particularly in more than one season.


Finally, there are some key financial considerations. Is there a possibility to rent your home to other vacationers while you are not using the home? Is there any potential future gain in value? Also remember that mortgage rates are often a bit higher for second homes than they are for primary residences—especially if you will be depending on rental income to qualify. In that case, lenders will consider this home as investment property. In addition, do your due diligence regarding closing costs, insurance, taxes, and maintenance. If after careful calculation you indeed can fit these expenses into your budget, you can rest peacefully at night—including in your new vacation home in Central Oregon!

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