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Bend Oregon’s Most Desirable Neighborhoods

The city of Bend, Oregon is unique for many reasons – one being the way it’s divided. Separated into four quadrants, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest, each sector of our beautiful city has its own distinct personality and vibe.

The neighborhoods included in each of these quadrants each stand out in their own way, and all could be qualified as “desirable.” In this article, we’ll briefly outline each quadrant, along with perks and amenities you can expect from them.

Northwest Bend

If you love being outdoors, you’ll be attracted to NW Bend. Living in Old Bend, one of the Northwest’s best neighborhoods, puts you at the heart of this quadrant and the heart of all things Bend.

You can expect to find hiking trails and beautiful parks like Mount Bachelor, along with plenty of space along the Deschutes River. For wonderful views, check out Drake Park and Mirror Pond. And if you happen to be part of an outdoorsy family but aren’t much of an explorer yourself, there’s plenty for you as well. NW Bend is known for its restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, bars, shops, and other exciting things to keep you interested.

Neighborhoods in this quadrant include: Awbrey Butte, Summit West, River West, and Old Bend. While it can be expensive to live here, the price tag is worth the experience.

Northeast Bend

NE Bend is the most affordable quadrant, which makes it a great opportunity for investors and first-time homebuyers.

Our favorite outdoor component of this quadrant is Pilot Butte Neighborhood Park, which includes a play area for kids and a relaxing space for adults.

Neighborhoods in NE Bend include: Boyd Acres, Orchard District, and Mountain View.

Southeast Bend

SE Bend is a laid-back area with bigger properties and new communities being added all the time. It includes Larkspur, Old Farm District, and Southeast Bend – if you’re into biking, there’s a bike route throughout the Larkspur neighborhood that provides the perfect adventure.

There’s a mix of old and new homes in SE Bend, with ranches and farms just outside the boundaries. If you’re looking for a bit of country living while remaining close to the city, SE Bend is a great option.

Southwest Bend

SW Bend is known for its properties along the riverfront and views of the Deschutes River. In the Old Mill District, you can find shops, galleries, breweries, and restaurants. You can be close to the heart of Bend and get to know your community when living in SW Bend, and it includes the neighborhoods of Century West, Southwest Bend, and Southern Crossing.

With new things being added every day, it’s a fast-growing area with plenty of opportunities.

Bend Living

In Bend, there’s no such thing as an undesirable neighborhood. From this list, you’re sure to find a community that suits your lifestyle and allows you to make the most of your time in Bend.

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