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Best Dog Parks in Bend!

It’s important for your pup to burn off energy, and in Bend, you’re in luck! We have a handful of amazing dog parks that you and your furry friend will love.

Here are our favorites:

Big Sky

This five-acre space has everything an energetic dog needs. Off-leash spaces to run, a pond, and running water too.

Ponderosa Park

This five-acre area has a specific spot for smaller/more mellow pups, along with picnic shelters and even a skatepark.

Riverbend Park

Your dog may not appreciate the views of Riverbend Park, but you will. This park is located on the Deschutes River Trail, and it has a beach area for your water-loving buddy.

Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area (at Pine Nursery Park)

This is a full 18.8 acre area with trails, grassy runs, and even a spray park meant just for dogs. It’s a great place to get out a meet some new pups and people

Overturf Butte Reservoir

With four acres of off-leash play area, your pup will have a great time in this hilly area, whether you’re out in the open or back in the trails.

A Dog-Friendly City

In Bend, we’re known for our love of dogs, and there are plenty of opportunities in our beautiful city for you and your furry friend to have fun. You won’t regret checking out any of these parks!

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