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How to Host a Successful Open House

One of the most crucial things to do when selling a home is to host an open house. Whether it’s a newly built home or was lived-in previously, it’s of the utmost importance that it be ready to impress potential buyers. Hosting an open house isn’t just unlocking the front door and setting out some fresh baked goods, though. There are important key steps one must take to ensure that the home is presented in the best way possible. Follow the tips below and your home will be sold in no time!


If you were only able to do a single thing in preparation for an open house for your Central Oregon home, decluttering is the move. Buyers no longer want to browse lived-in homes. They want to see a home that is clean, tidy and ready to be moved into in minutes. Only leave out the bare necessities in each room and cram everything else in the garage or in storage.

Get rid of odors

Next on your to-do list should be to sterilize your home of any foreign smells. No two homes smell alike, so any potential buyer walking into your home is going to smell something different from what they’re used to. Instead of banking on hope that your house smells appealing, scrub the floors, shampoo the carpets and air out every room to start fresh. From there, use some sweet-smelling cleaning solutions or bake some cookies in the oven to get your home ready to go.

Improve the curbside appeal

Last, but certainly not least, is improving your home’s curbside appeal. First impressions matter, and if the first thing a potential buyer sees is a dead lawn, poorly maintained landscape and peeling paint, you can bet they won’t return to see the home a second time. Take a day to prepare the front of your home for potential buyers by cleaning up the lawn and landscape. Remember, creating a warm setting with a mat at the front door and setting out some potted plants can do wonders. Nothing gives a home new life like full and colorful plants.

If you make sure to follow these three key tips, your open house will be sure to dazzle any potential buyer that walks through the front door!


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