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Pro Tip: First Impressions Sell

It’s Spring! The height of home selling season is almost upon us. Are you in the market of listing your home? If so, there are some fantastic ways us Pros sell homes and sell them quickly. It’s a fairly simple remedy that comes down to first impressions. From things like listing photos, listing price, and home energy, first impressions go a long way in attracting the right buyer in the quickest time possible.

Listing Photos

Let’s face it, we’re privileged with high definition photography at the palms of our hands. This isn’t lost on those house hunters out there. Your listing photos can go a longs way in enticing the right buyer, quickly.

Listing Price

Obviously you want to sell for top dollar, who doesn’t? Pricing your home properly is key in any market especially now with fluctuating mortgage rates. Having an agent on your side with knowledge of the area and the market is key to accomplish this. They will price your home right in the sweet spot for a quick sale for the highest dollar value.

Listing Energy

It’s all about good vibes! If someone can’t image themselves in your home, odds are they will not spend money on it. Potential homebuyers will take note of the little things, simple things like clutter and simple design. Not having too much stuff around or oversized furniture is a great place to start for positive energy.

By using the above tips, you can have your beautiful property first impression approved for the market. Once buyers defenses are down, they will eagerly want to check out the rest of the house.

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