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The Art of Staging Your Central Oregon Home

If you’re selling your home, you know how important it is for it to look its best to appeal to the masses! Buyers need to see themselves in a space they would want to live in. Fortunately, you can make that happen with a few home staging tips. Home staging is a way to entice buyers, reduce time on market, and even potentially raise your selling price.

Home Staging: The Facts

With home staging, you bring your home’s most impressive assets to the forefront. If it’s dark, let’s lighten it up! If it’s busy, let’s declutter and so on.. It’s about potential buyers. The more people you can appeal to, the more the odds are in your favor. So, you ask, how do we make that happen?

When you stage your home, you’re minimizing its flaws and emphasizing its positive traits. Create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and welcoming, a place where potential buyers want to spend time.

The Idea Behind Staging

If you can help a buyer visualize themselves living in your home due to the way it’s staged, you’ve already won. The staging should be fairly neutral, so a buyer can imagine their own personalizations, but still warm. The last thing you want is a house that feels sterile and uninviting to live in.

Home Staging Checklist

  1. Go With Neutral Wall Colors
  2. Clean, Rid the clutter and ‘Custom’ Touches
  3. Spend Time on the Kitchen & Bathroom
  4. Appeal to the Senses with Scents
  5. Accentuate Your Home’s Best Features
  6. Add Curb Appeal, Freshen up the Front Yard

Whether you’re just putting your home on the market or refreshing an existing listing, home staging can be a ‘fast’ and fairly inexpensive way to make sure that your Central Oregon home sells quickly and the sale price you want.  

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