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Top Exterior Home Colors for 2023

Do we dare say? Spring is here Central Oregon and it’s time to start thinking of tackling those outside projects. Painting your home can come about for many reasons like maintenance, for an updated look, or for selling purposes. Whichever your intentions here are the top exterior home colors of 2023

Grey Stone

This earthly tone is great in many parts of the country. It sets the tone for rich natural landscapes around your home. A bold color, grey stone isn’t for the faint of heart. One should considering the volume of siding they’re painting to see if a lighter color is the best route.


A popular choice since HGTV, off-white has become a market and homeowner favorite in it’s simplicity. This color will allow you and/or the buyer to dress the home up any way you’d like. From fun landscape, to wall decor and bright furniture, off-white is the perfect color for accessories.

Linen Beige

A classic neutral tone, linen is a soft beige color that goes great with many home styles. This great color offers easy contrast to trim colors and windows. Most homeowners will paint the trim a rich white color while incorporating natural wood accents.

Ocean Blue

Coming back around to the mainstream, pacific ocean blue is gentle on the eyes and state of mind. This calming color is one to top choices in 2023 as it goes with everything! A great choice, pacific blue won’t let you down.

Smoked Barn Red

A bright eye-grabbing color, this slightly toned down barn red offers great curb appeal for yourself and passers by. This color option is best outfitted with crisp white accents and window sills. So please bear in mind your window situation.

Prep, Paint, Enjoy

If plan on tackling this project on your own, remember, it doesn’t have to be done at once. Once section at a time. New paint offers the protection your home needs in this harsh up and done environment of Central Oregon. From the hot summer days to bitter cold winter nights, the elements add up on home wear and tear.

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