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Winter Projects: Double Your Closet Space

There’s no better time than the winter to tackle indoor projects and, if you’re like most of us, your closet could use some attention. Keep reading to learn about ten of the best ways to double your closet space and make storage more efficient.

Use Baskets

They make life easy. Use baskets to store your off-season clothing. That way, articles you want to wear will be easier to find and easier to rotate by the season.


Store your everyday basics in a spot that’s easy to get to. Save the harder-to-reach spots for clothes you don’t wear very often, or for meaningful items.

Hidden Hampers

Adding a built-in hamper keeps your floor free of clothes, and prevents you from shoving a standalone hamper in a place it doesn’t fit.

Make Use of Shower Rings

Instead of taking up space and hanging each scarf on its own hanger, shower rings act as scarf  or even belt holders.

Utilize Vertical Space

Make note of any vertical space you have and install hooks at varying heights for accessories.

Cubbies for Shoes

Organize shoes in cubbies or invest in a shoe rack.

Hang Soda Tabs

By hanging soda tabs on hangers, you can double up on what you hang and even pair articles to create an outfit.

Put Up a Mirror

If you have a mirror inside your closet, you don’t have to leave to check out your reflection. If you don’t like what you have on, you’re more likely to hang it right back up.

Organize by Category

If you organize by category and not by color, you can put outfits together much more easily.

Label Everything

When you use labels, everything has a home and you’ll be more inclined to stick with your organization plan. 

Organizing This Winter

Organizing your closet is a great way to make those long winter days pass quickly, and it’s a win/win – you’ll have a fresh, tidy closet by the time you’re done.

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