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Central Oregon- The Pet-Friendly Place To Be

One of the greatest perks of living in Central Oregon is the seemingly limitless number of places that are pet friendly. So pet-friendly, in fact, that it’s often harder to find a place that isn’t. Despite this neighborly environment, though, it can still be difficult navigating a transition between homes while taking care of your furry friends. Below are some tips and recommendations on where to go when moving into your new Central Oregon home with a pet so you’ll be left satisfied and happy.


Moving into a new home is stressful enough. Adding a pet into a mix can make it overwhelming. The best option when moving is to send your furry friend on vacation, whether it be to a kennel or a friend’s house. If you’re looking to pamper them, a kennel might be your best bet. Below is our favorite kennel in the Central Oregon area.

Bend Unleashed


One of the best things you can do during moving sounds a little counter-intuitive: take a break. The stress of moving can often be unbearable if you don’t make sure to take some time for yourself during the process. So what should you do with your “me” time? Take your furry friend out to play! Multiple locations along the Deschutes River provide a haven for pets and their owners, not to mention the countless parks scattered throughout the high desert. Below are some of our favorite places to take our furry friends.

Sloux Camp, Riverbend Park, and Overturf Park.  


While most restaurants in Central Oregon, and Bend especially, are dog-friendly, a few stand out to us for going above and beyond when it comes to caring for our furry companions. Whether it be offering water bowls upon arrival, or even little snacks if your pet is hungry, below are our favorite restaurants to visit if you have a pet in stow.

10 Barrel

McKay Cottage

Deschutes Brewery



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