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One-Story or Two-Story Home? Understanding the Benefits

When purchasing a home, there are many house styles to select from, including Victorian, Colonial, ranch, cottage, Spanish revival or bungalow, just to name a few. The style of the house dictates the architectural look of the building as well as the floor plan. You often see ranch, cottage and bungalow homes as one story places, while Victorian, Colonial and Spanish revival homes have two stories.

So which type of house should you get: a one-story or two-story place? Let’s take a look at the benefits of each house type so you can decide on which one would be better for your needs.

One-Story Home Benefits

Easier to navigate

Perhaps the biggest benefit to a one-story home is that all the rooms are at the same level. There are no stairs to navigate, which is great for seniors, toddlers and people with disabilities. If you plan to purchase a home where you will age in, take into consideration your future medical and mobility needs.

Simple to maintain

With everything located closer to ground level, maintenance such as painting the siding, washing the windows and making repairs are simpler as you don’t need to be up high on long ladders to reach upper floors. Maintaining mechanical systems such as ductwork, electrical and plumbing may also be easier as you don’t have to run lines going up walls to reach higher levels in the house.

Faster to leave during emergencies

In case of fire or an earthquake, it is easier to exit out windows if the door is blocked since they are at ground-floor level. So long as the window isn’t blocked by obstacles or plants outside, everyone should be able to exit and meet at a designated safe location.

Two-Story Home Benefits

Better Privacy

Bedrooms are usually located on second floors, so you don’t have to worry about anyone walking along the sidewalk and looking into a bedroom while you are changing your clothes. Another story can also be designed to keep private spaces more separate than public rooms, as people can sleep away from the hustle and bustle of living rooms, kitchens, and entertainment rooms that can get loud.

More Yard Space

Unlike a one-story house with all the rooms spread out over a lot, the rooms are stacked onto other floors. This setup can provide more yard space on smaller lots. Having a bigger yard space is ideal for families with children and for people who love outdoor living spaces.

Great Scenic Views

A two-story house allows you to look out over other homes in the neighborhood. So if you live in a location that has splendid scenic views of the mountain, ocean, forest or lake, you can see everything from second-floor windows without dealing with any impediments.

The right floor plan should fit into your present and future needs as well as lifestyle. Consider all the benefits and then reach out to us at Duke Warner Realty, we’d love to help pick the home that you most desire!

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