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Should You Remodel Your Master Bathroom?

Prospective buyers are primarily interested in the kitchen and then the master bath. If they are not pleased with either or both, they may leave without touring the other rooms. You always have the option to renovate, however, a master bathroom remodel may just not be cost-effective. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have your master bathroom stand out! 

Is a master bathroom remodel the right choice?

What do buyers want in a master bathroom? First, they want dual sinks and a soaking tub, along with a free-standing shower. They tend to like granite counters and ceramic tiled walls. They also prefer the toilet to be in a walled-off compartment. 

In 2019, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a survey of prospective home buyers. The number one must-have feature was ‘a linen closet in the master bathroom’. If you have the space, a linen closet is relatively easy to build. 

Consider whether you have the budget and time to conduct a remodel. If you are not quite ready to put your house on the market, a renovation may be a great way to boost your home’s value.

If you want to sell your house sooner and a master bathroom remodel is out of the question, consider the following tips to still make it appealing to potential buyers.

Clean and clear bathroom

Clean every nook and cranny of your master bath. Scrub until the bathroom sparkles. Clear any personal items from the counter top and store them neatly in the cabinets underneath the counter. Remember, buyers will open every door and look inside every drawer.

The same goes for cleaning accessories. Put commode brushes, plunger, and cleaning products out of sight.

Deep cleaning is the best remedy when you can’t afford expensive renovations.

Ensure bathroom plumbing is in tip-top condition. Call your plumber if there are leaking pipes, dripping faucets, or blocked drains. Consider switching out old faucets and handles on cabinets for modern styles. You don’t need to do a full master bathroom remodel to make sure things are in top shape!

Time to sell? Staging your master bathroom

When the master bath is scrupulously clean and bare of your belongings, it’s time to stage it. These days, buyers want a master bath with a spa-like appearance. Staging can be like a master bathroom remodel without the work and expense!

Purchase several plush, white towels. Hang a couple on the towel rack and put a couple in a white, wicker basket on the floor. If you have a shower curtain past its prime, invest in a soft-white shower curtain made of material, not plastic.

For a pop of color, place a small green plant, such as aloe vera, on the counter. Set several various sized scented candles on the countertop. Light them before a showing or open house.

A silver tray with hand lotion and hand soap in pretty dispensers add a touch of elegance.

Final Thoughts

There are many pros and cons of a master bathroom remodel. The choice simply comes down to budget and timeframe. While it can be a great option, is is not a requirement!

If you do decide to remodel, resist the urge to “trendify” your master bathroom. Your aim is to appeal to the emotions of potential buyers. For instance, black is a coming on strong as a bathroom color. Anything from black accent walls to black soaking tubs are popular.

Before you grab the black paint and get busy with it, think about it. How many home buyers are yearning for a black bathroom? Right now, the numbers are slim to none. The pure white master bathroom provides a blank palette and encourages the buyer’s imagination to skyrocket. There are many things you can do when selling your house that don’t include a remodel.

When in doubt, remember- we at Duke Warner are here to help. Click below to get started!

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