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Flip a Small House Successfully With These Features

Flipping a house can often be a challenge- especially when it has minimal square footage. To make such a house more attractive to buyers, you need to offer something not found in every home. A fabulous way to do this is with distinctive built-in features. Read on to learn what to do to flip a small house with success!

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Window Bench

A window bench is a beautiful addition to almost any home. Even if the house you’re flipping doesn’t have a bay window with a handy nook, you can still build a window bench that buyers will love.

Choose a large window in either the main living area or the master bedroom. Build a tall, floor-to-ceiling bookcase on each side. This design will create a natural alcove in the center. You can then design a bench seat under the window that sits between the two cabinets. Build a bench that spans the entire length and connects to the side of each bookcase for the best look.

When you flip a small house, it is important to keep storage in mind. When crafting your window bench, consider creating a storage area in the bench. Your bench seat, along with the bookcases, will provide plenty of extra space for homeowners to keep personal items. Decorate the bench seat with a lovely cushion, and you’ve now created another sitting area, with ample storage, and a view of the outdoors.  

Kitchen Banquette

For small homes with an eat-in kitchen instead of a formal dining room, a kitchen banquette is a great way to increase the seating area. A banquette also creates a focal point in the room that will interest potential buyers. 

For the most seating and storage, you should build an L-shaped banquette bench with cabinetry under the seat. This type of design will set your home apart from others in the neighborhood. For a casual appearance, you can leave the bench bare. For a more formal look, use thick cushions on the seat and back. Maintain an elegant look with neutral-colored material for the cushions. Or you can add stunning color to the area with a brighter material or even a bold pattern. When flipping a small house, it can be a good idea to go bolder than you normally would.

A banquette can turn a table that seats four into one that will comfortably seat six, giving a family more space and making entertaining easier. The extra storage in the cabinetry under the bench will provide a great place to store board games,  or anything else that you may need access to while in the kitchen.

Bathroom Skylight

Another great built-in feature that will impress home buyers is a skylight. Place one in the master bathroom to make the area look open and airy. Natural light streaming into the room will draw the attention upward, which will make any room look more spacious. Space is very important when you flip a small house.

Installing a skylight over the bathtub area is an excellent choice. This feature will create interest and have potential buyers thinking about soaking in the tub and enjoying the view of the sky or the stars while they relax. With a skylight, even a small master bathroom will have appeal and stand out from others with the same square footage.

When you’re choosing a skylight design, don’t skimp on size. Go with a skylight that will let in the most light for the best result. Make sure that you install a vent fan that will provide adequate ventilation to avoid condensation. You can also place a smaller skylight in the separate toilet room, if you have one, to keep that area from feeling claustrophobic.

Final thoughts

When you flip a small house, you can create more interest if you offer something that homeowners don’t usually see in a house of the same size. Even one such feature is often enough to sway a buyer into choosing your flip over another property in the area. Selling your flip faster will make the extra investment worthwhile and can help you to earn a higher profit on your fixer-upper.

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