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Selling House: Should You Remodel?

Even if you spent thousands on renovating your kitchen, it’s still a deal-breaker if the roof is leaking. No doubt, you don’t want to hear this, but to sell your home for the greatest value, all major systems need to be working and in good repair. So, the question is: should you remodel? If so, what should you remodel?

Home buyers expect a functional HVAC unit, updated, workable plumbing, and water heater. Further, they want a roof and basement that doesn’t leak. Things you can’t see with the naked eye may seem like wasted money if you’re selling the house. Just be aware that keeping home systems well-maintained is the homeowner’s obligation. Don’t expect potential buyers to pay more, as these aren’t true renovations, just regular upkeep.

Curb Appeal

Before you decide on what to renovate or remodel, check your curb appeal. How many appointments to view your home for sale have been no-shows? Could be they drove by and weren’t moved by its exterior. Perhaps your curb appeal is not appealing. Spiffy curb appeal generally gets you a good return on your investment. Also, it will entice people inside to view your home.

First, remove any clutter in your front yard. Put bicycles and toys where they belong. Dispose of broken items. Pick up and throw away any trash.

Manicure the front lawn, including hedges and shrubs. Pull weeds in flower beds and yard. Sweep and hose down the sidewalks and driveway. Windows need to be done if you’re preparing your home for sale. Either delegate, hire someone, or clean the windows yourself.

If the front porch is large enough, decorate it with two rocking chairs and a table between them. Hang wind chimes and a couple of hanging plants. Plant flowers in two big planters and place them on either side of the front door. Chunk out the grubby welcome mat and replace it with a new one.

Ensure street numbers are easily visible from the street.

What should you remodel on the exterior? We believe switching your old front door with a steel door can get you an enormous return on your investment when your home sells. Strong, steel front doors provide additional security because they are extremely difficult for an intruder to force open.

Best Return on Remodeling

The kitchen and master bathroom will get the best return on your remodeling investments. Paint and repair or replace broken items in other rooms and clean and declutter them.

Family and guests congregate in the kitchen, so updating it is generally a good place to spend remodeling funds. For example, stainless steel, energy-saver appliances will instantly change the appearance of the kitchen from drab to fab.

Should you remodel your kitchen and bathrooms? Your best option is what is known in the real estate industry as “minor kitchen and bath remodels”. This means don’t tear down walls to open-up space and don’t gut the master bath. Simply take a hard look at your kitchen and master bath and visualize ways to beautify them.

The minor master bath remodel may include removing outdated colored bathroom fixtures and replacing them with a white, new model toilet, tub, and sink. If the floor tile is tacky, replace it.

In addition to matching kitchen appliances, the minor kitchen remodel may include adding granite or quartz countertops, installing hardwood flooring, and painting cabinets. Today’s typical home buyers want white cabinets.

New Windows

Replacing old windows with new windows gets you an awesome return on your investment. New energy-efficient windows will decrease utility bills dramatically. You may not think potential home buyers pay attention to windows. However, if they are looking for an energy-efficient home, they will observe the condition of the windows.

Central Oregon home buyers are eco-friendly. Don’t forget this when deciding what to renovate!

Home Theater

Does your home boast a home theater room? Great! Prospective home buyers have reported that they didn’t realize they wanted a media room, but when looking at a house that had one, they’re putting it on their must-have list.

If your home does not have one, should you remodel to create a home theater? Because media rooms are appealing to plenty of home buyers, you’ll likely get a good portion of your investment upon the sale of your home.

However, creating a home theater from scratch is an expensive undertaking. The room must be soundproofed. It needs a sound system, theatre-type seating, a large viewing screen, and more.

If you are selling a home in Bend, Oregon, this can be a great way to stand out. Just don’t go over your limit!


Now you have a general idea about home improvements that will get you the best return when you sell the house. Just proceed with care not to over-improve your home. Home buyers are doubtful about buying the highest-priced home in the immediate area. The best thing to do is think carefully about what you can afford and what will work best in the long run.

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