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A big complaint among homeowners during a remodel is the endless number of things you have to manage and stay on top of. In fact, the overwhelming stress can be so bad that there is a term coined for it: homeowner meltdown. Avoid the curse associated with home remodels and mitigate your stress by learning from the mistakes listed below. If you do, you might be able to escape your Central Oregon home’s remodel unscathed.

Forgetting Water-Resistant Floors

Time and time again, homeowners excitedly install new hardwood floors in their home but forget to consider the perils of water damage in the kitchen and bathroom. While hardwood is certainly the better alternative to carpet in a room where water is likely to spill onto the ground, it still presents its own number of challenges. Ensure that the flooring used in your Central Oregon home’s kitchen, bathroom or laundry room are all water-resistant in order to avoid any unnecessary future costs.

Eyeballing Measurements

This one may sound like common sense, but it’s a more prevalent issue that you might think. Eyeballing the dimensions of an area where a new appliance is to be installed is one way to ensure that an awkward gap is left next to the appliance. Even worse, an appliance can bump into cabinets or the wall if the dimensions of its total functionality isn’t taken into consideration. Take the time to find a measuring tape and map out exactly how a new appliance is going to fit in a space.

Disregarding Color Coordination

This mistake is especially heinous in the eyes of Central Oregon realtors because it is a mistake that doesn’t cost anything to avoid but can bring down your home’s value when you try to sell it. When picking out new paint, appliances and fixtures for your remodel, inspect their color in person and try your best to recreate the environment they will be in once incorporated into your home. Gold fixtures will never match a silver appliance, and even a brown coach might not match stained wood window shades if the shades of brown are too different from each other. By comparing colors of new additions to your home to each other in person and evaluating how the colors work together before purchasing, you will make sure that the remodel looks seamless by the time it’s done.

While it might take a little more time out of your day to avoid the mistakes listed above, the payoff makes it worth it. Your remodel won’t just look great, but you will save yourself loads of stress as well.