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Upgrades on Homes that make them more attractive to prospective buyers

These days it’s a buyer’s market. They have plenty of homes to choose from, and they can narrow down top properties by the smallest details. If you have upgrades that are needed on your home, and you’re considering selling it in the near future, here’s what you should focus on.

To fix up or to leave as is

It can be hard to decide if fixing up your home will financially benefit you in the long run. Something to consider in today’s market is that some buyers are looking for fixer uppers. Some buyers want the challenge of doing small remodels on their new homes. Some major problems with your home, like foundation cracks or serious plumbing problems, might work as deterrents for prospective buyers. Smaller changes like an outdated bathroom, that could do with a smaller remodel and some newer tiling might not be seen as any issue to new buyers. You do need to consider if your house requires fixing in areas, that you will need to price it lower. If buyers are looking for a fixer upper, they are already expecting to put some money into the home, so they don’t want to be at the top of their budget when it comes to the listing price.

Fixing it up

Before you fix up your home, you need to consider what features or upgrades will earn you the most value when it comes time to sell your house. If the upgrade isn’t going to return the investment when you sell your house, it’s not worth it to do the upgrade.

It’s important to consider what other homes on the markets are offering. If you notice that most homes have upgraded kitchens, it may be a good idea to upgrade your kitchen. It’s up to you how minor or major you want to go with a remodel. It depends on the materials used, cost to you and what your market is like. You may not want to rip apart your kitchen, and invest in all new appliances. Maybe your kitchen would look infinitely better with a new coat of paint and new fixtures or faucets.

Replacing worn carpeting is a must. It’s one thing that sellers almost always notice and it can leave a bad taste in their mouth. If your carpet is severely worn, stained or ripped it can convey to the seller that you don’t take care of your home. They may wonder what else you’ve neglected in your home.

Damaged roofs need to be fixed as well. This is something that will harm you when it comes to home inspection time, and it will definitely turn buyers away.

Changing light fixtures and ceiling fans that are old or outdated can immediately change the feeling of a room or your home. This is a big one. It can make your home look updated without any hard work. It’s a simple fix. Fixtures can get spendy, but they will almost always return the investment.

It can be difficult to decide what you fix and what you leave, or if you even fix anything at all. Keep your eyes on the market to see what other sellers are doing. Talk to a real estate broker and see what they’re seeing more frequently. If you do minimal upgrades that guarantee a return on investment, it’s worth it to you.