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Why You Should Buy a Tiny House

Central Oregon boasts a community of innovators, so it’s no wonder that more and more of its residents are choosing tiny homes! While some may think people come to Bend only to purchase large or luxury homes, there is plenty of room for a smaller lifestyle. Here are five reasons that choosing a tiny house is a smart choice.

Enjoy a lower tax bill

When you have a tiny house, you will pay fewer taxes. Many homeowners are facing rising property taxes, which can put a toll on their monthly income. A big reason for this is the size of a homeowner’s property. When you have a tiny house, you simply need less space! Many tiny homeowners have built their homes on flatbed trailers so they can be more mobile. In Bend or other Central Oregon areas, this can be a huge benefit. 

A lower property tax is just the beginning of the benefits of tiny house ownership! 

Smaller utility bills

Homeowners over the last several years have found their utility bills rising. Central Oregon has not escaped this epidemic. Gas, electric, and water bills have been growing for many households. By downsizing to a tiny house, you can reduce these bills, sometimes significantly. There are many that power their tiny house with a solar panel or two. Because of its small size, a tiny house will not completely drain your bank account when dealing with utilities. 

In Bend and the surrounding areas, higher rent costs have become an increasing concern for those who don’t own homes. A tiny house may be a good investment if you are an investor looking for properties to rent out- the lower rent costs will be very attractive.

Reduce clutter in your life

Having a cluttered home can be anxiety-inducing. Life can be busy, making it hard to spend time sorting and organizing things you might not even use anymore. A tiny house can take care of this issue. Having reduced space means that you will not have room for things that you do not need. It can be very freeing not to have to worry about dealing with having a lot of things. Tiny homes will also make homeowners be more thoughtful about what they purchase.

Less worry about potential disaster

Natural disasters are frightening, even more so if you are a homeowner. If you have a large home, experiencing a tornado or earthquake can be devastating. Homeowners will not only lose their belongings, they can also take a financial loss if they do not have homeowner’s insurance. Many tiny homeowners can move their homes to safety, so there’s no worry about keeping their homes safe.

Be kinder to the environment

When you are living in a tiny house, you are reducing your impact on the environment. Homeowners need fewer materials to construct a tiny home. It also does not require a lot to heat and cool a tiny home. Many tiny homeowners use solar power for their homes, which is environmentally friendly. If this is an important topic to you, a tiny house might be a smart option.

No matter why you choose a tiny house, you can take advantage of benefits like these. People from all walks of life are deciding on this housing option. From saving money to achieving a simpler way of life, this housing choice is something many people can get behind.

Should you buy a tiny house?

We think the answer is yes! But, it is always good to weigh your options. Always make a pros and cons list, consider your budget, and of course: consult an expert. Remember, we at Duke Warner are here to help. Click the link below to get started today!

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