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Xeriscaping Your Central Oregon Yard

The word xeriscape, coined in the 1980s by Denver Water, comes from the Greek word ‘xeros,’ which means ‘dry.’ Combine ‘xeros’ with ‘landscape,’ and you’ve got xeriscaping. But contrary to how it may sound, not all xeriscapes are dry – in fact, it’s just as common to find a xeriscape that’s lush and green.

The point of xeriscaping is to conserve water to the highest degree while still creating a beautiful landscape. This movement began in dry, arid regions, but it has spread far and wide.

Why Choose Xeriscaping?

All over the nation, it’s become apparent how precious our water resource is, which means the days spent wasting it are over. Conserving water is good for the environment, and good for your wallet as well.

In Central Oregon, you can create a gorgeous xeriscaped landscape by following the Six Principles of Xeriscaping:

  1.  Design and plan for smart water usage. Before you get started, figure out the water resources of your landscape and how you want to use them, then make a plan. Consider using permeable options for paved areas to keep the water cycle moving smoothly.
  2. Choose plants carefully. Select plants for their beauty and their function. Usually, the best choices for a xeriscaped landscape are native plants or plants that come from a similar climate to yours.
  3. Improve your soil. Plants depend on good soil that retains moisture. You can always improve your soil by adding organic material to it, like compost. But remember, not all plants have the same soil requirements, so do your research before treating all of them the same way.
  4. Water efficiently. Even though your xeriscaped landscape will be water efficient, it will need some supplemental watering now and again. By implementing a professionally-designed irrigation system, you can keep watering to a minimum while maintaining healthy plant life.
  5. Use mulch. You can help the soil retain moisture and keep roots cool by placing a thick layer of mulch. This will also discourage weed growth and amp up the aesthetics of your xeriscape.
  6. Keep up on maintenance. While xeriscapes don’t need much maintenance, every landscape needs a certain degree of care in order for it to stay healthy. This involves pruning, fertilizing, aerating, and other routine tasks.
Xeriscapes in Central Oregon

While the basics of xeriscaping are simple, balancing landscape design, plant selection, soil care, and irrigation can be tough. If you’re stuck, consult a landscaping professional about the Six Principles and see what they can make of xeriscaping your Central Oregon yard.

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