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Busting the Most Common Home-Selling Myths

Selling a home is no easy feat. In fact, it can easily become one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have to endure. So why are there so many myths and misleading facts out there about how to best sell a home? In the era of “alternative facts,” it can be difficult to discern sound advice from shoddy suggestions, so the key is to have a foundational knowledge of what’s true and what isn’t. Below, we’ve listed the three most common myths to look out for when selling your next home.

You Must Sell in the Spring or Summer

Much like the undying myth that chewing gum takes seven years to digest, homeowners continue to think that homes can only be sold in warmer seasons. While it’s true that the spring and summer are optimal times to put your home on the market, failure isn’t inevitable if you sell during the fall or winter. In fact, there are some hidden benefits to selling your home in the fall and winter.

Competition can be stiff in the warmer months and it’s easy for your home to get lost in the dozens and dozens of listings that pop up in Central Oregon. If you sell your home in the fall or winter, there is less competition that allows your home more opportunity to shine and provides you with more negotiating power. Additionally, homebuyers are more willing to make a deal and close quickly in colder months, thereby reducing the amount of time your home sits on the market.

It’s Just Like Reality TV

Anyone that’s watched HGTV — or similar reality TV — knows how easy selling a home can be made to look. The entire process is cut down into an episode that’s 40 minutes or less and much of it is often scripted, so viewers aren’t provided a real look at the length or complexity of the selling process.

In reality, the selling process is much more than just a showing and a few phone calls. According to Zillow, the average American home sits on the market for 65 to 93 days, so things move much slower than portrayed in the media. Additionally, the closing process can sometimes even last more than a month. Speaking with a licensed real estate agent can circumvent this issue, as you can prepare a more realistic timeline of how events will play out.

It’s Cheaper to Sell Without an Agent

While it’s true that real estate agents come attached with commission fees, it’s misleading to think that they make the selling process more expensive. Real estate agents oversee a number of responsibilities, from legal negotiators to professional marketers, all which are best approached with experience. An assessment recently performed by the National Association of Realtors even found that the average FSBO home price was $185k while homes sold by realtors had an average prices of $245k. Commission fees may exist, but a quality real estate agent will more than make up for the cost with a higher selling price.

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