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Suns out. Buyers out. Is your home ready for them?

10 things to cross off your list before putting your home on the market

They say you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines. If you want to make some hay selling your home, that means getting it ready for all the buyers who will be out this summer. Make sure as well as handling repairs, you ensure your home is nice and clean as well.

Let’s say you’ve used some of your recent downtime to do a thorough job of spring cleaning. Now let’s take care of some of those larger household projects before the serious buyers jump back into the market to make their moves this summer. Check these 10 items off your to-do list so your house is ready to view while buying is hot:

  1. Gutters: Spring rains and runoff bring lots of debris off your roof. Remove it from your gutters and fix any leaks.
  2. Siding: Spring rains also splash dirt on your exterior walls. Power wash your siding and refresh the paint as needed. Is it time for all new paint?
  3. Windows and Screens: To let the sunshine in, wash all windows inside and out. And replace damaged screens to keep the bugs out.
  4. Hot Water Heater: Don’t forget about this important appliance. Lubricate the circulating pump and motor.
  5. Roof: How did your roof survive the winter? Replace any missing, loose or damaged shingles.
  6. Deck or Porch: Winter can do a number on these too. Now’s the time to stabilize the railings and re-stain the surfaces.
  7. Irrigation System: Adjust the timer and system to make sure everything is green, but not too green. Replace any broken sprinkler heads or damaged valves.
  8. Landscape: Trim overgrown plants and add flowers for a touch of color.
  9. Foundation: Fix floors and walls that are showing any cracks or deterioration.
  10. Bathrooms: Replace caulking in and around all showers, tubs and sinks. Make sure all drains are running free and clear.

If any of these projects are too challenging for you to do yourself, now’s the time to hire a specialist or a handyman to take care of them. For specific tips on preparing your home for the sizzling summer market, reach out to a Duke Warner Realty experienced real estate agent, today.

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