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Moving To Central Oregon: How To Choose a Realtor

Choosing a real estate agent can be a tricky process. Matters are extra complicated if you are moving from out of state and have limited opportunities to visit the local area. Then, the real estate agent you choose becomes even more important. Since you won’t be spending much time on the ground, you will have to rely on the expertise of your real estate agent to a large degree. Here are five practical steps to finding a top real estate agent when moving to Central Oregon.

Quick Tips for Moving to Bend

Start Researching Agents Online

Before you can narrow your search to a single top real estate agent, you need a list of potential agents to investigate further. One of the simplest and most effective means to building your list (aside from getting referrals) is to look for reviews of real estate agents online. Reviews should give you an idea of which agents are worth considering. Look out particularly for any reviews by clients who were also moving to Central Oregon from another state. 

Investigate Agents’ Web Presence

Now that you have a list of prospective agents, you need to learn more about them. The agent’s website profile is a good place to start (click the “Brokers” tab at the top of the page for our agents’ profiles). You can learn a lot from a real estate agent’s web presence, such as what kinds of real estate they concentrate on. You can also get a look into their personality and character. If a real estate agent has posted content on social media about moving to Central Oregon, you can check the depth of their knowledge of the market.

Contact Agents For More Information

Before choosing a real estate agent, you need to learn a lot about them. Ask your realtor plenty of questions, and share plenty of information. Since you won’t be spending significant time in the area, your real estate agent having deep knowledge of the local market is even more important than it would normally be. The agent you hire will need to find a home for you based primarily on what you communicate to them. That means strong communication skills are a must. The process itself of asking questions of the agent will tell you a lot about their communication abilities.

Find Someone You Trust

The relationship between home buyer and real estate agent is always important. After all, investing in a home is a big decision with huge ramifications, both financially and emotionally. When you are moving to Central Oregon from a distant place, you are relying on your real estate agent to be your eyes and ears. Having a high level of trust in such circumstances is crucial. You and your agent must be on the same page. After all, your specific real estate wants will not be quite the same as anyone else’s.

Why choose Duke Warner?

Moving states when you have little opportunity to visit the area yourself can certainly be difficult. Fortunately, choosing a great local real estate agent means you can look forward to moving into a fantastic new home soon. As a long standing local Central Oregon business, our agents at Duke Warner know the challenges that come with moving here from out of state- we are ready to navigate the process with you!

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