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Quick Tips for Moving to Bend

Moving is a difficult and stressful time for most people. Whether you are buying or renting, you’re going to a new home, a new city, and sometimes a new state. With hundreds of people moving to Bend, Oregon every year, we’ve seen the challenges first hand! The following tips will make moving easier on you.

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Tip #1: Make a List of What You Need to Take With You

While it may seem obvious, not everyone thinks to make a list. This doesn’t need to include every item you are taking with you. Rather, it should contain categories of items, along with any specifics you might want to single out. This will help you stay organized and keep items you’ll need immediately out of the moving truck.

In addition to your clothes and personal belongings, make sure you separate any important documents or items you may need while moving. This could include your passport, birth certificate, school records, and insurance information. You don’t want to spend days or even months trying to track down your important documents after the move. Toiletries, medications, and unboxing tools should also be kept out of boxes- you’ll need these on hand right away.

Tip #2: Ask for Help from Friends and Family members

If possible, ask friends or family members if they can help you move. Not only will this make the process quicker and easier on you, but it will also save you money. Friends and family will always be happy to lend a hand. Plus, it’s always nice to have some extra helping hands! Moving to Bend is a breeze with help from friends.

Tip #3: Use Plastic Bin Boxes for Easy Packing and Unpacking

Plastic bin boxes are a great alternative option for packing your belongings. They are easy to carry and can be stacked on top of each other. When it comes time to unpack, you won’t need to cut through tape or make messes with cardboard. Depending on the kind you use, you can also see through the plastic so you won’t have to guess what is in the box. This will save you time and energy when moving in or out.

Tip #4: Plan Out Your New Space

It’s important to plan out your new space before you unpack all your belongings. Starting to unpack without a plan can quickly turn into chaos! Make sure everything will fit in each room. Also ensure that there are enough outlets for you to plug in appliances or electronics. Start by organizing boxes by room before you even break out the box cutter. You can then start unpacking little by little until everything is set up just how you like it!

Tip #5: Explore Bend!

Now that we covered general moving tips, it’s time for the fun stuff! Moving to Bend is exciting because you finally get to explore as a legit Central Oregonian.

Did you visit before your move? Re-visit your favorite vacation spots and discover something new! Bend is constantly growing and changing, so you’ll always find something different. This is a great way to meet new people and start getting integrated into the community!

Moving to Bend sight unseen? Welcome! You are in for a treat! Visit downtown and check out the shops and restaurants, or if you are an outdoor person, check out one of the dozens of trails! For ideas, check out our local tourism department.


The moving process should not be stressful, but it often turns into just that. Following these tips will help you avoid any unnecessary headaches or trouble down the road. You’ll have more time for yourself and enjoy your new place. Good luck with your move!

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